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The path to this seemingly unattainable goal is clear, and it leads you straight to SkinHealth Centers.

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SkinHealth Centers founder Cheryl Clarkson explains today’s hottest service for men and women to achieve the bodies they want, even when certain areas (think love handles and saddlebags) don’t seem to get the memo with diet and exercise. After CoolSculpting, a revolutionary FDA-cleared treatment that freezes and kills stubborn fat cells for lasting results, you’ll fear no mirror.




Question: I would like have some sort of procedure to remove the fat in my stomach, but I am afraid of liposuction.  Is there a non-surgical approach that really works?

A: Yes,indeed; CoolSculpting.


Question: I love all the latest upcoming fall fashions. How can I get slim and trim for cropped tops, flared jeans and dress sets?

A: As temperatures drop from summer to fall, we’re all tempted to hide our bodies under thick sweaters and long tunics. But when you want to wear the latest trends for fall leaf-peeping strolls or holiday parties, it’s about being seen not hiding. CoolSculpting is a great way to wear those slim fall fashions with confidence. Because it targets belly fat, love handles, and inner and outer thighs, you’ll end up with a tighter tummy, thinner waist, and more toned legs.

CoolScupting is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all your efforts of diet and exercise. It targets, freezes and kills fat cells, and after treatment, your body naturally takes care of the rest. The crystallized fat is gradually removed by your lymphatic system for a 20 to 25 percent reduction on average in the treated areas. You’ll see fantastic results in as short as three weeks.

Since there’s zero downtime (unlike liposuction or surgery), right after the treatment you can hit the shops in your ongoing search for that perfect outfit. And if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can say goodbye to the fat for good. With CoolSculpting you’ll be ready for whatever the next season’s runways have in store.

Question: I hit the gym, but I can’t seem to get rid of my love handles. What does SkinHealth Centers offer that can help me? 

A: It can certainly be frustrating to work out and never seem to get the physique you want. Now you can, with CoolSculpting. It targets exercise resistant areas, like love handles and flanks, as even gained famed on the Dr. Oz show and in Men’s Fitness magazine as a go-to treatment for men who exercise.


CoolScupting is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to freeze stubborn body fat, which is naturally purged by your body over the next few weeks. As your body cleans up the fat cells, you’ll look better every day for up to three months.

All it takes is a one-hour session to lose unwanted fat from your waist and flanks, so you could even make this a lunchtime treatment during a busy work day. Since there’s no downtime or sedation (unlike liposuction or surgery), you can even work on your laptop or iPad or talk on your cell during treatment. CoolSculpting won’t affect your day, but it will affect your life. Once the fat is gone and you keep up your healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t come back.

Question: Will CoolSculpting even help me to get rid of the saddlebags on my thighs?

A: Yes, it is an excellent way to reduce the fat on the outside and inside of your thighs!  It also works for your stomach, flanks, muffin-top and love handles.  If you can pinch the fat, CoolSculpting can freeze it away.


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