Ask Cheryl | Crepiness and Fine Lines Around Eyes

Q: I have crepiness and fine lines around my eyes that make me look older; what is my best treatment option?

A. Yes, eventually many of us will start to develop fine wrinkles around the eyes; our skin is very thin there. This is a situation where we would have to see you in person in order to do an evaluation.

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There are several possible solutions depending upon the level and exact location of crepiness and fine lines, whether there is also laxity or loose skin, your age and how deep the lines are.

Possible solutions would range from certain home-care products to radio-frequency (RF) skin tightening, Botox injections, fractional laser treatments, Ultherapy or cosmetic eyelid surgery.

The best approach for you depends on several factors, and sometimes a combination of treatments will yield the best outcome. The good news is that there is a solution, so please come see us.

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