Ask Cheryl : PRP Hair Restoration

Q. My hair is thinning on the top of my head. I have heard about PRP hair restoration treatments to restore hair; does that work?

Female A

A. Yes, PRP is an excellent and safe treatment to stimulate follicles to regrow hair. PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, has shown to be very effective for hair restoration in many men and women.

Here’s how it works: a small sample of your blood is drawn and then spun in a special centrifuge. The blood separates into two layers: red and yellow. The yellow layer is the PRP. The PRP is then inected into your scalp in the areas where your hair is thinning.

This PRP plasma contains growth factors, which help to re-activate the hair follicles, resulting in new growth and thicker hair. Several initial treatments are necessary, and then periodic maintenance.

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