Ask Cheryl: Summer Skin Care Regimen

Q: What do you recommend for taking care of my skin in the summer?


A: Great question!  You know my first answer is going to be to use a high quality sunscreen that contains 6 to 17% zinc oxide; I’ve written extensively about sunscreens, so I’ll move along to other tips. (See my Sunscreen Facts for more information.)

It’s easy for our pores to get clogged during the hot, humid months so gentle exfoliation and cleaning is very important.  I recommend our award-winning best facial Boston once a month for a thorough cleaning to prevent blackheads and breakouts.  If you experience breakouts on your chest or back, it’s also a good idea to have a “back facial” or microdermabrasion treatment done on those areas.

For products, I love to see our clients incorporating a green tea serum or lotion such as SkinHealth’s Vital T, to help combat the effects of sun exposure and free radical damage.

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