Men's Facial: They Have Skincare Needs too!

Even Oprah says so: "Don't be afraid. Facials are great for you!" Gentlemen's-Facial

On a men's show edition hosted by Oprah regular Dr. Oz, the surprising recommendation to some was that men take care of their skin by getting facials. Dr. Oz explained how a facial helps exfoliate your skin and produces a healthy glow. "That's why women like it and and it looks pretty good on guys as well."

Men's skin is very different than a woman's due to the fact that their skin is thicker. They also have oilier skin and significantly larger pores than women do. Their skin can get pretty dirty and be prone to blackheads and clogged pores mostly on the nose and forehead area.  The safest way for men to get pores cleaned out, get rid of dead skin cells and overall cleanse and rejuvenate their skin is with a professional facial treatment.

So it seems more and more men are enjoying both the skin benefits and relaxation that a facial can offer, some at the urging of their wives or girlfriends and others who simply care about long term skin health.  The lure of more pecks on the check surely helps too!

And there are just for men facial teatments. SkinHealth Centers in Boston and Wellesley, Massachusetts offer a "gentlemen's facial" designed to cleanse and soothe, and refresh the skin, helping to improve skin texture and clarity.


Men, for a  Complimentary Skin Evaluation and Rejuvenation Consultation at one SkinHealth's three convenient Boston area locations, just click this button to book your appointment.

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