Ask Cheryl: How do I get rid of brown age spots?

Q.  I am starting to notice brown age spots on my face and they make me look old.  I want them gone; what’s the fastest way to get rid of them?

A.  Zap, zap: they’re gone!  IPL  (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments are the way to go.

IPL Phtofacial Boston

In less than 30 minutes brown age spots can be safely treated with no discomfort and no downtime.  The IPL treatment, also known as a Photofacial,  involves a non-ablative laser that penetrates below your skin’s surface to eliminate brown spots at their source. Not only does IPL remove brown spots, this treatment also gets rid of broken capillaries and redness in our skin. The result is younger looking, noticeably clearer skin.

IPL treatments can be used to remove brown age spots on the face, chest, arms and even hands!

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