Ask Cheryl - Body Sculpting to Reduce Fat, Inches

Q.  What’s all the buzz about using non-surgical ultrasound body contouring to reduce fat and inches; does it work? 

bella contour

A. Yes, indeed, there is now an alternative to liposuction: Bella Contour, a new non-surgical way to reduce unwanted body fat and inches. 

This body contouring treatment is ideally suited for people who have unwanted fat around the waist, love handles, buttocks, thighs and upper arms.  Our treatment reduces circumference, tightens skin and smoothes cellulite.

It is based on three technologies:

  • Ultrasound to vibrate and stimulate the fat cells to release their contents.
  • Interferential therapy to increase the fat cell’s permeability, allowing lipids to escape.
  • Vacuum therapy to increase blood flow to the area to remove the released lipids.

In short, SkinHealth’s  treatment stimulates fat cells, causing the release

of lipids to be emptied from fat cells. The excess fat that is released is then used naturally by our body for fuel, and the fat cells shrink back to their original size.  

The treatment is extremely safe, non-invasive, great for men and women, completely pain-free, there is literally no recovery or downtime, and no known side-effects.

4 to 10 sessions are required, and at SkinHealth, we typically see results even after the first treatment!

Interested? Schedule a free consultation online and set up a series to fit your fat reduction goals!


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