Ask Cheryl: Turkey Neck

Q: I am not happy with the loose skin on my neck; what can be done about “turkey neck”?  

A. Many of our clients state that their neck is the area of most concern regarding their appearance, but are not interested in a having a facelift or surgical procedure.

Luckily, there is a new type of procedure called RF Skin Tightening which gives amazing results and really tightens up loose skin on the neck and jowls.

Turkey Neck

RF uses radio frequency energy so it is safe, not-invasive and there is no downtime.

Skin Tightening

Our RF procedure can also be used to tighten up skin elsewhere on the body such as around the eyes, stomach, above the knees, and under the arms. Learn more about RF Body Contouring.

Skin Tightening | underarmDo you have turkey neck or loose skin around you eyes, under arms, stomach?  Call us today, schedule a for a complimentary consultation.  Just click the buttom below. See you soon!

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