Cheryl Clarkson, CEO of SkinHealth, Inc., Invited to White House

Cheryl Clarkson, CEO of SkinHealth, Inc., Invited to White House to Discuss Economic Growth


Boston, MA March 15, 2012 - Cheryl Clarkson, CEO of SkinHealth Inc. was invited to the White House on February 24th to meet with top US economists and policy-makers.

Ms. Clarkson was selected as part of a non-partisan group of 22 Boston-area business and civic leaders to give feedback to the Administration on job creation efforts and what type of support is needed.

Since April 2011, the White House Business Council and Business Forward has held a series of meetings across the country to converse with area civic and business leaders regarding creating jobs and spurring economic growth.

Administration officials participating in the closed door meeting included Mark Doms, Chief Economist, US Department of Commerce; Steven VanRoekle, United States Chief Information Officer; Rima Cohen, Counselor to the Secretary for Health Policy, US Department of Health and Human Services; Lisa Brown, Executive Director, Government Reform for Competitiveness and Innovation Initiative, Office of Management and Budget.

Ms. Clarkson has served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of SkinHealth, Inc., a physician-based cosmetic dermatology company that Ms. Clarkson founded in 1999 and that operates SkinHealth Centers throughout the Boston area. 

 Cheryl Clarkson White House Economic Meeting

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