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SkinHealth's Cheryl Clarkson Announces Proprietary Hydrasonic Skin Therapy Methodology and Treatment Products

Posted by Therese Byrne on Jan 29, 2011 9:06:00 PM

SkinHealth™ introduces Hydrosonic Skin Therapy, a high-tech treatment that uses sophisticated, ultrasonic technology and SkinHealth’s high-potency cosmeceutical products.

The multi-step ultrasonic treatment gently and dramatically cleanses, exfoliates and re-hydrates the skin; then using SkinHealth’s proprietary anti-oxidants and specialized serums, deeply nourishes the skin, making it more resilient and healthy.

“Our proprietary hydrosonic skin therapy methodology is totally safe, feels good and, combined with the infusion of SkinHealth’s cosmeceutical products, gives you an amazing result,” says Cheryl Clarkson, Founder and CEO of SkinHealth Centers™.


hydrasonic skin therapy


The treatment begins as one of SkinHealth’s specially-trained aestheticians slowly moves the hydrasonic hand-piece across the face.

  • The ultrasonic sound vibrations open the skin’s pores, coaxing out excess oil and dirt, and flushing it away with water.

  • To exfoliate, the hydrasonic hand-piece, equipped with a flat stainless-steel tip, vibrates enabling the aesthetician to gently remove dead surface skin cells.

  • Re-hydration occurs when the hydrasonic sound wave vibrations, coupled with warm water, opens the pores and allows them to "drink-in" or absorb the warm water that has been applied to the skin.

  • With the ultrasonic frequency keeping the skin’s pores minute pathways open, several high-potency SkinHealth products including anti-oxidant serums, anti-aging compounds and specialized hydrating serums, are infused into the deepest layers of the skin, making it healthier and more resilient.

  • Finally, for home care, SkinHealth recommends that essential lipids and SkinHealth’s sunscreen be applied daily to provide a protective barrier to the elements.

ABOUT SKINHEALTH CENTERS: SkinHealth Centers is Boston’s leader in helping men and women LOOK FRESH AND VIBRANT AT ANY AGE! Operating since 1999, SkinHealth Centers are located on Newbury Street in Boston as well as Chestnut Hill and Wellesley. It offers SkinHealth’s award-winning skin care products, advanced skin care treatments and sophisticated, state-of–the- art laser services. SkinHealth’s Harvard-trained, board certified physicians and nurses perform non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments, as well as cosmetic surgery procedures.

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