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SkinHealth Centers is Boston’s leader in helping men & women Look fresh & vibrant at any age

This is the mission of SkinHealth Centers.  Operating since 1999, SkinHealth Centers are located on Newbury Street in Boston and Wellesley.

At SkinHealth Centers you’ll find the latest, proven methods to restore and maintain healthy-looking skin and a glowing complexion. We are experts in the field of facial rejuvenation for men and women, and we offer a range of cosmetic procedures, skin-care treatments, and skin-care products that help reverse the tell-tale signs of aging and sun exposure.  SkinHealth Centers is made up of a team of physicians, facial cosmetic surgeons, nurse practitioners, and medical aestheticians. 


Our Approach

Naturally Vibrant

SkinHealth professionals are specialists in advanced skin care, skin rejuvenation, body contouring, laser services, and cosmetic surgery.

It’s not a matter of age. Sex. Lifestyle. Occupation. Not even a matter of money. A healthy, vibrant appearance and younger- looking skin can now be a matter of choice. Your choice. SkinHealth professionals understand the difference that healthy, glowing skin can make in your life and we’re committed to helping you find the best way to achieve it.

Who should consider a visit?

Women, men, all skin types and colors, all ages. Anybody, and everybody! Busy executives, tired of looking tired. Professionals entering an exciting new job!

Mothers that are serving as chauffeurs, cooks, teachers, and gardeners. Grandmothers ready to start a new life. Students who are tired of covering up under heavy makeup. All former sun-worshippers…

A glowing complexion and younger, healthy-looking skin is no longer the privilege of the very rich. The obsession of the very indolent. Or the right of the very young. 

How Does It Start?

A visit to one of our SkinHealth Centers is the first step – it allows our staff to listen to your concerns, evaluate your needs, analyze your skin, and spend the time to determine which treatment or combination of treatments and products is indicated for your particular circumstances. Remember, this is not an “Off-the shelf” approach – each person is different, and goals, past history, financial concerns, and time available, are all taken into account to tailor the unique approach that will achieve the best results.

A look inside

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A Message from the Founder

Cheryl Clarkson

My Inspiration to found SkinHealth was my sister.

We opened our first SkinHealth™ Centers in early 1999 to serve the patients of dermatologists and plastic surgeons. SkinHealth Centers are currently located in Boston and Wellesley and we are proud to be affiliated with the leading cosmetic surgeons throughout New England.

I founded SkinHealth Centers for a personal reason: a mission to find a cure for maligant melanoma. That mission has opened up many other paths to helping our clients acheive fresh, vibrant skin at every stage of their life. We now offer an extensive array of skin care services, and are affiliated with New England’s premiere physicians in cosmetic medicine.

Meet Cheryl Clarkson

Why Choose Us?

At SkinHealth Centers you’ll find the latest, proven methods to restore and maintain healthy looking skin and a glowing complexion. We are experts in the field of facial rejuvenation for men and women.

Cheryl Clarkson, MD
My Inspiration to found
SkinHealth was my sister.”

Cheryl Clarkson, Founder

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