By Cheryl Clarkson

Ask Cheryl: CoolSculpting for Love Handles

Woman pinching her stomach

Q What is the best way to get rid of love handles? My boyfriend and I both have them. We work out but they are not going away.

A It sounds like you may have exercise resistenat fat which can be treated with Coolsculpting. Love handles are the most common place for fat to accumulate. If you can “pinch an inch” that fat can be frozen away!

CoolSculpt is an extremely effective non-invasive body contouring treatment that freezes unwanted fat, killing off fat cells which are then naturally eliminated from your body. No needles, no surgery and no downtime. It is safe and effective. Results are visible within six weeks of treatment and the final results are seen after three months.

Most of us have problem areas, such as our abdomen, love handles or saddlebags. CoolSculpting can be used for areas as well as for double chins, back fat, bra fat and knee fat.

At SkinHealth, our clients have seen remarkable results with CoolSculpting.  Schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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