By Cheryl Clarkson

Ask Cheryl: Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing for my Lip and Chin?

Q: Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing for my Lip and Chin so I don’t have to keep waxing; can you tell me about it?

A: Laser hair removal is an extremely effective way to eliminate unwanted hair on the upper lip, chin, sides of the face, etc. This is also the perfect time of year to do it because you should limit sun exposure when you are going through treatments in order to reduce the change of temporary hyperpigmentation.

Lasers use light energy to disable the hair follicle, which results in the follicle not being able to produce a new hair. The light from the laser is attracted to the dark root of your hair at the bottom of the follicle. The heat from the laser bonds the sides of the hair follicle together; no more hair growth! 

Any area of the body can be treated, including underarms, bikini area, legs, back, chest and shoulders. It takes an average of six sessions, 4 to 6 weeks a part, for full clearance.

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