By Cheryl Clarkson

Ask Cheryl: Upper Arm Fat Removal

Before and After photo under arm fat removal with coolsculpting

Q. I am 35-year-old woman and am not happy with my upper arms. Even though I exercise, my upper arms have extra fat and I am self-conscious in sleeveless tops

A. The FDA has recently approved another use for CoolSculpting: upper arm fat removal. One treatment is usually enough, and you will see up to a 25% reduction of any fat in your upper arms which will give you a nice contour.  

Coolsculpting is a very effective non-invasive body contouring treatment which freezes unwanted fat, killing off fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated from your body. No

Needles, no surgery, and no downtime. It is safe and effective.

 It can be used to reduce fat in many parts of our body: stomach, love handles, back fat, thighs, and kees, for example. After treatment, our body gradually removes the ‘dead’ fat cells. Results are visible within six weeks of treatment and the finak results are seen after three months.

At SkinHealth, our clients have seen remarkable results with coolsculpting.

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