By Cheryl Clarkson

Ask Cheryl: What is the Right Age to Start Botox Treatments?

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Question:   What age is right to start BOTOX Treatments?

Answer:   There is no hard and fast rule other than at whatever adult age you needed it. If you have lines or wrinkles that bother you, it’s time to start.

Some people, especially if they are prone to frown lines, start in their twenties with a small dose that helps prevent them from developing deep frown lines in the future. However, on average, we see people coming in for their first treatment in their mid-to-late 30s.

Typically, the first area people want treated is “the 11s” between the eyebrows.  These lines are formed by squinting, frowning, or when we concentrate and knit our brows.

As we continue to age, forehead lines come next, and eventually crow’s feet at the edge of our eyes. All of these areas are successfully treated with Botox to relax the muscles creating the lines, which results in a younger, more rested appearance for men and women of all ages.

Repeated muscle contractions are one of the underlying causes of lines in your upper face.  Botox temporarily reduces this muscle activity resulting in a noticeable smoothing of these lines.

You will still look like yourself, but will appear less tired or stressed.

Botox treatments only take a few minutes and there is no downtime.  The effects usually last around four months or so.  You will notice the effects within two to seven days after treatment, and then it will wear off gradually.

Botox procedures are just as popular for men as they are for women.  While women sometimes want to totally eliminate their frown lines, it’s common with men to soften, but not totally remove, the wrinkles.

Are you the right age for BOTOX?  If you are bothered by deepening lines, or want to prevent then in the first place, schedule a Complimentary Consultation to find out!!

Cheryl Clarkson is the Founder of SkinHealth Centers.  SkinHealth Centers is a med-spa offering facial injectables, body contouring, cosmetic laser services, PRP hair restoration, and advanced skin care.

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