By Cheryl Clarkson

Best Facial Fillers: For more than you think!

It happens, loss of volume in our face over time, as we age.  It is often the result of collagen loss, which keeps our face full, luminous and elastic.  Facial fillers work under the skiBest Facial Fillers Bostonn to replace elasticity and plump up sagging skin.

Generally, the first areas we think of for dermal fillers are our central face, smile lines and lips.  But there are more facial areas that can benefit from the volumizing magic of fillers, notably the lateral areas of the face – the temples, cheeks and jawline. A more balanced, naturally younger, rounder look can be achieved by sculpting these lateral aspects of the face as well. 

There are several types and brands of facial fillers and volumizers including Juvederm Ultra™, Perlane™, Radiesse™, Restylane™ and Sculptra™.   (See facial fillers before after pictures) It is important to have a thorough assessment and consultation with a highly trained and certified physician or clinician, so that you are treated with the filler or combination of fillers appropriate for the areas being treated.  

If you live in the Greater Boston area, come visit us at SkinHealth Centers.  We have centers in Boston’s Back Bay, Wellesley and Chestnut Hill.  Our specialists are among the area’s best, most successful dermatologists and cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Besides education, credentials and experience that place them above the rest, they all share a passion for excellence and a commitment to working with you to help you achieve your goals.

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