Ask Cheryl: Do Men do Laser Hair Removal?

Q:  I love my boyfriend, but he has a very hairy back that makes him self-conscious, do men do Laser Hair Removal? 

A:  Absolutely! Back, shoulder chest hair can be embarrassing for some men  Many men like their furry look, but an equel number don’t.  We have performed laser hair removal for hundreds of men like their furry look, but an equal number don’t.  We...

have performed laser hair removal for hundreds of men.  The new norm is a sleek, hair-free look; the better to show off those muscles!

Laser hair removal works by using light-based energy to permanently disable the hair follicle so it can not produce new hairs. The Laser light selectively targets hair follicles while leaving other tissue untouched.  Several treatments are required to remove all the hair, but a significant reduction is attained after each session.

Other treatment areas that are popular with men for laser hair removal include the ears, the chest and the neck it can be a wonderful treatment for men who suffer from painful and annoying ingrown hairs.

As with other laser procedures, make certain to select an experienced professional for optimal results.

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