By Cheryl Clarkson

Boston Herald: Cosmetic Surgery Popular


Cheryl Clarkson

Cheryl Clarkson, owner of SkinHealth Center, says January is a busy time of year for cosmetic surgery.

Gifts of Cosmetic Surgery in Vogue

…Plastic surgeons and spa owners said that men are increasingly giving the gift of a cosmetic procedure for their wives or girlfriends who want to start off the New Year with a fresh face or body. “It’s the same reason health clubs are busy in January,” said Cheryl Clarkson, who owns SkinHealth Centers in Wellesley, Boston and Chestnut Hill. “They get up their resolve and they say this is the year they want to do it, and, of course, they want it done right away.” …Clarkson said one man recently spent $2,500 on eyelid surgery for his wife. “She said all she wanted for Christmas was to wake up and look in the mirror and look young and refreshed,” Clarkson said.

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