By Cheryl Clarkson

Glycolic Acid Peels: Banish Skin Imperfections

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A glycolic acid peel is a mild, natural fruit-acid peel that provides exfoliation to improve your appearance by revealing younger-looking skin and a clear, radiant complexion. Have no qualms about scheduling a lunchtime treatment as glycolic acid peels are non-invasive, non-surgical and there is no pain or downtime.

Benefits include:

A glycolic acid peel is one form of a chemical peel, a category of advanced clinical skin rejuvenation treatments that help to reverse the signs of aging and the damage of past sun exposure. Among chemical peels, glycolic acid peels are among the mildest and most popular. That’s largely because glycolic acid is considered to be natural. It comes from sugar cane and belongs to a family of acids called alpha-hydroxy acids or fruit acids. See Video on Medium Chemical Peels

Immediately after the first treatment you will see a difference – your skin will have a fresh glow, more even tone and feel smoother and softer. Each procedure lasts a few minutes and progressive improvement in the skin will be noted with each treatment.

At SkinHealth Centers in Boston and Wellesley MA, hundreds of glycolic and other chemical peels have been performed in an exclusive SkinHealth treatment protocol with outstanding results. Skinhealth advises that glycolic acid peels are most successful in a series of four or more, spaced approximately two weeks apart. A SkinHealth professional can discuss with you the best program to fit your needs in a complementary consultation.

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