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Wednesday, October 21, 2014

Business Leaders Visit White House to Support Women in Businesses

Cheryl Clarkson in the White House

Washington, D.C.Women business leaders, including Cheryl Clarkson, President and CEO, SkinHealth Inc., met with Maria Contreras-Sweet, U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator; Carla Harris, National Women’s Business Council Chair; Megan Smith, U.S. Chief Technology Officer; and other senior Administration officials at the White House on Monday to discuss resources for women in business and the importance of women business leaders in advocating for broad economic policies ranging from intellectual property to trade to immigration.

“Women lead many of the businesses that are growing and shaping the 21st-century economy, and it’s critical that their recommendations are considered both in the boardroom and here in Washington,” said Contreras-Sweet. “It is wonderful to meet with so many women executives and hear about how SBA and the Obama Administration can continue to support their efforts to make our national economy stronger.”

At the meeting, organized by the White House, the National Women’s Business Council and Business Forward, the discussion focused on ways for improving access to capital.

Cheryl Clarkson talking with another guest at the White House

“Women-led businesses are the fastest growing segment of our economy, with an estimated impact of $2.8 trillion and more than 23 million jobs. In Women’s Small Business Month, it’s as important to highlight this contribution as it to call attention to the challenges that women uniquely face when it comes to raising capital, entering new markets, and growing and scaling their businesses. We must address the barriers to entry that too many women in business face,” said Harris, who is also Vice Chairman of Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley. “And we must work together to do so. This meeting of women leaders and Administration officials is an important step to remedying the issues and moving the women business ownership agenda forward.”

“Women business leaders are powerful advocates for meaningful policy change that will impact both our businesses bottom lines and our communities,” said Cheryl Clarkson, President and CEO, SkinHealth Inc. “It is a privilege to join so many successful women at the White House to discuss ways to help grow our businesses.”

Participants chose between three breakout discussions on technology, access to capital, and federal resources. A conversation with panelists from the public and private sectors also examined various ways that Washington matters to women in business.

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