By Cheryl Clarkson

Wrinkle Erasing Without Invasive Cosmetic Surgery

Illustration showing Botox to Lid Lifts

Defying age without cosmetic surgery is a hot area as documented in a recent  front page lifestyle section article in the Wall Street Journal Wrinkle Erasing for Starters.   

As fewer people get cosmetic surgery, more try frequent injections, fillers, peels — non-invasive treatments more accessible to many people.

Photo illustration by Patrick Conlon/The Wall Street Journal; photo:Getty Images

In the article, a survey of wrinkles in time gives a progression of treatments as people age.

Wrinkles in Time

Facial wrinkles  and skin spots develop over time, with each decade leaving its mark. Here is a typical progression as people age.

Source: Dr. Richard Glogau, University of California, San Francisco

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