Ask Cheryl | Hydrasonic Skin Therapy for Dry Skin

 Q. Now that weather has become colder, my skin is really dry. Is there anything I can do in addition to using a moisturizer? A. When you skin feels tight and dry, my recommendation is to hydrasonic skin therapy. This relaxing one-hour treatment gives your skin an extra boost of hydration and plumps up your […]

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Ask Cheryl | Facial Fillers for Sunken Cheeks

Q. I am thin, and my cheeks are looking more sunken as I age. Can I prevent this? A. Well you can’t prevent this from happening, but we can help you! As we age, the fat in our face starts to dissipate and our faces become more thin and gaunt.  Ultimately, this results in wrinkles, […]

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Ask Cheryl | Tighten Your Sagging Skin

Q: What is the Best Way to Tighten My Skin? A: It depends on the condition of your skin. Ultherapy and RF (radio frequency) skin tightening are very effective, but it depends on the degree of laxity present. Ultherapy works at a deeper level and is used when more sagging skin is present. Ultherapy can […]

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Ask Cheryl: CoolSculpting for Love Handles

Q What is the best way to get rid of love handles? My boyfriend and I both have them. We work out but they are not going away. A It sounds like you may have exercise resistenat fat which can be treated with Coolsculpting. Love handles are the most common place for fat to accumulate. […]

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Ask Cheryl: Get rid of Brown Spots with IPL

Q. I have some brown sun spots (age spots) on my face. What’s the best way to get rid of them. A. Brown sunspots, age spots, and freckles develop on the parts of our body that are prone to sun exposure. Luckily, these unsightly spots can be lightened or eliminated with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy.  […]

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Boston Magazine features Cheryl Clarkson – SkinHealth among Women-Led Businesses

Boston Magazine October 2017: Inaugural look at the leading  female owned and/or operated businesses located in and around Boston and the faces that run them. Cheryl Clarkson featured among the women-led businesses leaders that keep Boston at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship, and are inspiring generations of women to come. SkinHealth, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Cheryl […]

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Ask Cheryl: Upper Arm Fat Removal

Q. I am 35-year-old woman and am not happy with my upper arms. Even though I exercise, my upper arms have extra fat and I am self-conscious in sleeveless tops A. The FDA has recently approved another use for CoolSculpting: upper arm fat removal. One treatment is usually enough, and you will see up to […]

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Ask Cheryl | Best Beauty Advice for Looking Your Best

Q. I read your columns all the time and have always wanted to ask you; what is your piece of beauty advice for looking your best.   A. Thank you for asking! That’s a challenging question because everybody has different needs However, I think a universal piece of advice is to focus on the health and appearance of your […]

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